If we tried to explain the present time with one word, it would most likely be acceleration. It always feels like our responsibilities and tasks grow exponentially and our expectations with them. All of this creates this uneasy feeling that we are missing time. It seems like we completely forgot the feeling we get when we finish something we started, as we are already onto the next task. All this creates anxiety, dissatisfaction, and fatigue.

What is Mindfulness
Mindfulness aims to raise the quality of life by training awareness and attention. It explores what it is that makes us become upset and uneasy and helps us overcome these feelings. We can change our feelings, thought patterns, and habits through various techniques. The mind is a muscle, so just as training your body takes time, mindfulness does too, but it is worth the effort.

How You Can Implement Mindfulness
When you wake up in the morning, instead of checking your notifications or turning the TV on, try focusing on your breathing for a couple of minutes. You don’t want to bombard yourself with endless information the moment you wake up. Instead, try to implement a morning routine that will allow you to start the day gradually.

Try to live in each moment. For example, while washing your face in the morning, instead of planning your day or worrying about all of your tasks for the day, focus on the act of washing your face. Feel the water on your skin, take some time to massage your face. Force yourself to be present in each and every moment instead of worrying about the future.

If you live your life on auto-pilot, you will rob yourself of the small pleasures that each day gifts us. We often tend to create routines and habits to simplify our numerous tasks or avoid making too many decisions. Nevertheless, the problem arises when our routines take over our lives and surrender our control. Instead of planning constantly, allow yourself to experience life without worry. You can go for a walk without having the end destination in mind, or watch a movie without watching a trailer first. All these spontaneous experiences make us curious and happy, so don’t take them away from yourself.