Are you itching for an adventure vacation before summer’s over? Adventure vacations are vacations where you do fun, exciting (and possibly extreme) stuff that you’d normally not do. That could range from mountain climbing, and white water rafting, to skydiving.

Take a look at these great adventure vacation ideas in America!

Camp in a Cave: Why go camping in the woods when you can go camping in a cave? More and more people are enjoying camping in hollow caves as these are the perfect alternative to booking an overpriced hotel.

Hike the Appalachian Trail: Go for a hike along one of the longest hiking trails in the world. You don’t have to complete the entire trail, of course. After all, it does stretch about 2,200 miles from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Maine. But, you can go through a small section and enjoy the beautiful foliage.

Sail Florida’s Gulf Coast: If you want to explore Florida without driving, try sailing. You can sail the Gulf Coast and explore the sugar-sand beaches and spectacular sunsets.

Kayak Around the San Juan Islands: Instead of visiting Seattle, you can visit the San Juan Islands. Consider kayaking for hours or going on hour long tours.

Base Jump Off Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho: Go BASE jumping in the only place in America where you don’t need a permit to do so. Leap off the 1,500 foot structure with a parachute opening midair.

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