How many people showed up for free lipstick at MAC stores across the country last Saturday, July 29 celebrating  #NationalLipstickDay? Answer: Everybody. Social media documented the fan frenzy as some stood in long lines and even camped out overnight for a chance at a free full tube of lipstick. Wonder how all that time spent waiting for a $17 lipstick breaks down in billable hours?

Liz Kao @oakye @oakye took to Twitter and noted the resemblance to other marketing events: “Brunch line in SF? Nope free lipstick giveaway at #MAC. Is this cosmetic’s equivalent of a new sports shoe debut?! #outofit.”

Each local MAC retailer chose colors to give away, and some of the lucky who scored the freebie hinted at disappointment. Jaswine @xjasmeannn tweeted this: “Waited in line to get free lipstick at MAC today. found out the only colors were blue purple & gray -then they sold out 10 people before us.”

From Kara @kara_dise: “The line for free lipstick at MAC. That was a joke. I’ll pay my $17.”

Don’t feel bad if you decided to sleep in and missed the long wait. Join Kara and buy the color you really want: cult favorites MAC Lipstick in Whirl or Ruby Woo. These are the shades worth the wait hanging out in a line that stretches around a New York City block.

MAC Whirl has become a fast cult classic because so many women with different skin tones find the versatile matte rose-brown flatters them. Whirl is one of the most popular lipsticks in the MAC line of hundreds of available shades. This is MAC’s second-best-selling shade, and Whirl ranks just behind the number-one selling Ruby Woo. With MAC selling one lipstick every second around the world, that’s a lot of Whirl.

MAC says the shade works for everyone because of its depth and likeness to hues that occur naturally in the skin. Whirl is a tone of pink that would be found naturally in a fair to medium-dark skin tone. It turns to a lighter neutral, pink shade when used on deeper skin tones.

In contrast to Whirl’s nude neutral versatility, Ruby Woo offers up a vivid red with blue undertones. This the number one best-selling shade in the U.S. (according to MAC) The brand sells four tubes every minute. MAC makeup artists call Ruby Woo an essential red that’s chic, matte, and timeless. This little black dress of lipsticks is both sophisticated and playful.

No need to wait for next year’s National Lipstick Day. You can get Ruby Woo or Whirl today at your local MAC retailer or online. Avoid those frenzied fans, and exercise your right to choose the color you really want.