Boozy parties can be fun, but no one wants to deal with the morning after! From the head-splitting headache to the sun shining a little too brightly, these are just a few ways your body tells you that you had a little too much alcohol the night before. For that reason, we love to have a list of easy cures that prevent inhibited fun on our next night out.

We gathered up a few doable and not so practical remedies people use around the world to cure their hangovers.

Pickled sheep eyeballs in tomato juice- A Mongolian remedy

A distant cousin to a bloody mary, this timeless hangover cure is popular in Outer Mongolia. It’s also otherwise known as a “Mongolian mary.” It is a light blend of pickled sheep eye and tomato juice. Yum?

Maybe not your first choice for a cure where hangover is concerned. The sheep eye is said to be high in vitamin C and antioxidants, which makes this drink a perfect choice for getting back on track after a rowdy night out drinking. You first.

Leche de Tigre- Peru

Also known as Tiger’s milk. No, it’s not milk from a tiger. Leche de Tigre is a name for the juices left at the bottom of ceviche, one of Peru’s most iconic dishes! A healthy meal that combines lime, spicy chili, fish stock, and cilantro is your perfect combination of vitamins, electrolytes, and protein in one go.

Of course, leftover raw fish marinade sounds less appealing by the minute if you’re hungover. The best part about this remedy is that you do not need a whole cup. Just a mouthful is enough to jolt your senses back to life!

Pickled Herring, Katerfrühstück or Rollmops – Germany

This snack packs a punch. They’re typically sold in jars, brined in a mixture of salt, water, and white vinegar. The tangy and vinegary blend delivers plenty of electrolytes.

Shrimp and Shellfish Salad- Mexico

A salad probably sounds like it shouldn’t make the cut on this list, but it appears Mexicans swear by this wonder-working dish. The dish consists of shellfish, fresh shrimp, greens, chili, lime juice, and onions. If you’re fighting the aftereffects of a night out drinking, it might not sound appealing, but anything offering a cure is fair game.

Bacon Sarnie- UK

A British way for saying sandwich, a bacon sarnie is a cure for anything plaguing the Brits, and this is the absolute truth! Anyone can pull the bacon sarnie together. Two slices of toast made from white bread, bacon in the middle, ketchup, and a shake of HP sauce, you are on your way to shaking the hangover loose.