With the advent of the Kardashians, celeb supermodels, Instagram, and influencers, staying on trend is especially significant. And if you’re following the different fashion weeks, you’ll notice that fashion trends are different in every country. But there are specific fashion classics which every girl must own.

#1 Classic Little Black Dress:

Black clothing is not only flattering on everyone, but it goes with anything! A black dress is classic and iconic. With so many designer variations on this classic, you’re bound to find the perfect fit that will last you for years to come. It is a MUST for every fashion-forward girl to have the classic little black dress in the wardrobe.

#2 Structured Bag:

For anyone who is after a classic piece, or simply looking to invest in a bag, make sure to get a structured one! Not only is it classy, but it matches nearly any outfit.

#3 Pair of Nude or Black Pumps:

A pair of pumps in a classic nude or black is one of the most versatile choices you can make. It can spice up a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit or stylishly upgrade a fancy, formal dress.

#4 Plain White T-Shirt:

The instant classic look springs to mind: a white t-shirt and a blue pair of jeans. In recent years, the white t-shirt springs up paired with high-end skirts and on the red carpets with eveningwear! Add a scarf, blazer, or oversized jewelry to spice it up further.

#5 Blazer:

Come fall or winter, blazers adorn the trendiest outfits no matter what year it is. This hot fashion staple that upgrades any look effortlessly. Get a fitted, neutral color you can pair with anything.

Now that you know a handful of fashion classics check on your wardrobe if you have these. Good thing that seasons are changing and you have an excuse to shop for new items!