Ever wish you knew the secret to Pollyanna’s cheer? (Hint: It doesn’t involve a “Homeland” marathon). Using data from a long-term survey of over 45,000 Americans, researchers set out to uncover the daily habits of happy people.

It turns out that happy people do indeed have unique habits: They’re more likely to engage in social activities (like seeing relatives, neighbors and friends), and are more likely to participate in personally-enriching activities (like attending a religious service or reading the newspaper).

One activity that’s noticeably absent from happy people’s lives? Watching television.

Perhaps that leads to a more balanced life, because, according to this study, happy people are also less likely to feel either rushed for time or like they have too much time on their hands. We don’t know about you, but this study makes us want to shut off “Dancing With The Stars” and invite a few friends for dinner!