There comes a time in every young, pop culture- and theologically-curious woman’s life when she wonders if crystal fiend celebs like Spencer Pratt and Miranda Kerr might know something we don’t. Everyone who bought a Kabbalah bracelet raise your hand – you’re not allowed to laugh. Here’s our beginner guide for those interested in spiritual healing, emotional self-discovery, and opening up the same chakras as David Beckham. In the words of, “In fact, I cannot think of anything that crystals cannot help with.” Damn. Let’s get to it:

What to Buy

For the Mind: Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a common crystal with an especially strong vibration that can help put you in touch with your Divine Mind. Carry around clear quartz if you need to clear the mind, connect to a higher power, or develop clairvoyance.

For the Heart: Rose Quartz

Miranda Kerr’s crystal of choice, rose quartz is known as the “love stone.” It’s rumored to open your heart chakra, which will leave you open to love of all kinds. You may not find your soul mate immediately, but you will be more open to platonic love, friendship, and self-love. Plus, it’s pink.


For the : Green Aventurine 

Green Aventurine is a manifestation stone. So naturally, you can use it to manifest that cash. And it’s green (notice a theme here?). According to Crystal Meanings, it can also be used to clear migraines. If you tend to spend your money on happy hour drinks, Green Aventurine is the crystal for you.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Before your crystals can cleanse your aura, the crystals themselves have to be cleared. You know how bar soap is technically covered in germs, and you’re supposed to rinse it before using? This is like that, except you’re holding up a rock towards the moon.

According to Krista Mitchell of Rock Whisper NYC, new crystals have taken on surrounding energies. You “clear” or recharge them in a few ways to get up your crystals’ energy. Place your crystals in organic uncooked brown rice or in soil (can even be a potted plant) for “about an hour to overnight.” You can also clear crystals with sound vibration using a tuning fork or Tibetan singing bowl.

Other clearing methods, if you so choose: sage, water, shake and blow, the sun and the moon (but not for too long).

What to Do With Your Crystals

Wear: You can wear your healing crystal on a piece of jewelry for maximum, all-day energy potential. According to Mitchell, keeping your crystals in a closet, purse, or in a drawer is not helpful; you need to be in close contact with their energy.

Meditate: During meditation, rotate a crystal over whichever one of your seven chakras is giving you trouble.

Decorate: You can decorate your home with your crystal, like Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.

Just Chill: Your crystal is working for you, according to the Esoteric Metaphisical Spiritual Database: “Even if all you do with your crystal is keep it near you, you will begin to notice subtle changes in yourself. Crystals amplify and balance even the most subtle mental energy. Just having crystals in your environment can improve the quality of your life.”

What to Feel

Mitchell encourages first time users to pay attention to any sensations, feelings, images, memories, or thoughts that might come up when holding or wearing a crystal. She explained:

“Some crystals can be subtle and others can be overpowering. Trust that it’s energy is influencing you regardless, and keep note of how you felt in a particular situation, at the end of the day, or any shifts in mood, behavior, choices, feelings, outlook while working with crystals. As their energy can affect you physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually, it runs the gamut in terms of what you might experience.”

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