Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy … why not the Period Fairy, too? HelloFlo, a monthly subscription box that sends tampons, pads and other goodies for menstruating ladies,  has debuted a new “she-ro” called the Period Fairy to get young girls — and us! —  through that time of the month.

The Fairy debuts in a new ad for the brand’s Period Starter Kit, a $29.95 box that includes “Get Ready Guides” for girls and parents along with the regular period supplies. The two-minute segment starts off with a resounding “Hey, blood sisters” and continues with just as many period puns as you’re imagining:

“I really wanted to play with the idea of a female superhero who helped girls with their first period,” HelloFlo founder and CEO Naama Bloom tells AdFreak. (Wonder Woman had a lot on her plate already, I guess.)

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Although I can’t say my period has always been “vagical,” anything that educates girls in a comprehensive and approachable way about menstruation and their bodies is a good thing. The video even takes advantage of the opportunity to call out female stereotypes, with the Tooth Fairy saying, “People are always trying to pin us against each other, but [the Period Fairy] paved the way for me”.

The video’s motto, “Instead of looking for she-ro, you have to be one yourself” is enforced in educational articles on the brand’s website. In addition to their monthly subscription packages, HelloFlo also sells “inspiring” products like Be Your Own Shereo undies and a Uteruses Before Duderuses tee shirt that I need immediately. It kinda makes us want to get a visit from the Period Fairy again … almost.

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