Plants can make a place feel calmer while bringing some life into it. Additionally, the process of taking care of plants is great for mindfulness. However, for plants to thrive in your space, you need to take proper care of them. These tips will help you to stay on the right track and make your plants look as good as possible.

Propagate for Growth
Propagation is when you make new plants out of the one you already have. Find plants that look leggy and have stems that grow without many leaves for propagation. When you trim your plants, your plant is going to sprout a new stem, which encourages new growth. This is especially important for plants that are placed in a low light area.

Combine Multiple Plants for Volume
You can plant multiple plants into the same pot for added thickness. This way, your plants will look more luscious and appealing. Make sure that all the plants you are putting in the same container have a sound root system.

Give Your Plants as Much Light as Possible
Most plants will tolerate low light, but they are going to thrive in areas with more light. You don’t want to put your plant too close to the window, as too much direct sunlight can damage your plant. Indirect sunlight works the best.

You want to add fertilizers to your plants to help them grow. You don’t have to do this exclusively in spring. Try to figure out which plants need some help growing and feed them with fertilizers to stimulate their growth.

Remove the Dust from The Leaves
Since plants use their leaves to photosynthesize, cleaning the leaves regularly is going to help the plant to create food efficiently. Additionally, they will look much better.

Rotate Plants for Them to Grow Evenly
Plants tend to grow in the direction of the sunlight. If you want your plants to grow evenly, you should rotate the plants every once in a while.

Get Rid of Gnats
Gnats can be quite annoying, so it’s better to prevent them from appearing. Make sure your plants are not sitting in too much water. Overwatered soil is an excellent area for gnats, as the larvae feed off the fungus that grows in moist soil. However, if you already have problems with gnats. You can get rid of them with Ceylon cinnamon. Simply sprinkle it on top of the soil for the best results.