Whether you’re used to a long-distance relationship or are being forced to be separated from your partner due to the pandemic, keeping your long-distance love alive can be tricky. We’ve put together some top tips for helping to maintain your relationship, keeping the fun and ways you can still support your loved one even from afar.

Communication is Key
Although this might be the most obvious piece of advice, it is the most important. Communicating with your partner as much as you possibly can is essential for helping you to feel connected and involved in their lives, despite the distance between you. Depending on your circumstances, you might not be able to keep in touch daily, but scheduling regular face-time and phone calls when suits you both is a great way to catch up and dedicate time to one another.

Set Realistic Expectations
If you’ve been fully committed to making things work long-distance, you must understand the reality of your situation. If you or your partner are tied to a demanding job or lives super far away, you need to set realistic expectations of when and how often you’re able to see each other. Travel expenses and work commitments can make this difficult, but if you make an effort and don’t expect too much from one another, you should find a schedule that works for you.

Don’t Be Scared to Try New Things!
Spending a lot of time apart from your partner is hard in many different ways, and you may be concerned about how you’re meant to keep each other satisfied without physically being together. Phone sex is a great way to experiment and keep some excitement in your relationship when you’re living apart. It can take some getting used to, but using the technology we have is one way you can improve and maintain your relationship despite the distance.

Trust Is Everything
Trust is critical in any relationship, but even more so when you’re hundreds of miles apart. It’s easy to let yourself overthink, but you and your partner need to trust one another equally for your relationship to work. Otherwise, you can both end up torturing yourself. Make sure you’re honest with one another and that there is mutual respect, love, and trust present in your relationship at all times.