Summer drinks don’t have to be just sangria and margaritas every night. Experimenting with drinks can be fun and a way to find your new summer drink staple. This summer, go beyond what you usually drink and try something new! If you like to play around with bartending on your own, here are some suggestions on how you can spice up your summer cocktails.

Try adding some spice! Chili and pepper are exciting ways to spice up-literally- your summer drinks. One of our favorite spicy drinks is a chili-lime margarita- it’s refreshing with a little kick.

Add fresh fruit and vegetables. Sangria doesn’t have to be the only drink that has fresh fruit! Cucumber is an excellent addition to drinks to make it light and refreshing, while fresh fruit can add a bit of extra sweetness.

Play around with herbs. When it comes to herbs, the options are endless. Mint, basil, and lavender are some fantastic herbs to add to drinks to bring the flavor to a new level. Try adding lavender into your next mojito, and we promise, you won’t regret it.

Add sake to your summer drinks menu! Sake is Japanese rice wine with many flavor options, such as fruity, spicy, herbal, or floral. Because of the light taste and delicious flavor, sake makes for an excellent ingredient for cocktails. Try mixing sake with champagne to make a boozy brunch that much more special.

If you feel like you’re getting bored with your summer drink options, try one of these out for yourself. Adding different flavors to generic drinks can bring your summer boozin’ to a whole new level.