For the first time ever, Brits can now get tested for HIV in the comfort of their own homes. The new at-home testing kit called BioSure HIV Self Test is being sold in England, Scotland and Wales, the BBC reports.

All it takes is a small prick of your finger to get little drop of blood and in only 15 minutes, users can have results about their HIV status. According to the company, the test is 99.7% accurate, but stresses that you should still get your result confirmed by a healthcare professional if you do test positive.

The HIV test works by measuring antibodies (proteins your body produces to fight off a virus like HIV) in your blood. This also means the test may not be accurate until 3 months after you’ve contracted the virus, which is the time it takes your body to start producing enough detectable antibodies.

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It’s estimated that 26,000 people have undiagnosed HIV in the U.K., the UK’s Telegraph reports. Hopefully an easy at-home test can give people an easy, private way to check their status and boost detection rates — and lower transition rates — throughout the region.

The Bio Sure test kit costs about £30, or approximately $45, and is available online now in England, Scotland and Wales. As of now, Ireland is not yet on board.

Watch the video below, which describes the BioSure HIV Self Test, what it includes, and how to perform it correctly.