A custodial worker at St. Michael’s Hospital in England “caught” a pregnant woman and her husband having sex while waiting for a labor induction. The chill bro of a hospital has a policy of putting a sign on the door and otherwise ignoring any beds a-knockin’. The custodian who busted the couple in a private room complained to her superiors about the loud moaning, claiming other people in the maternity ward were disturbed. But a hospital spokesman clarified to the the UK’s Mirror that there have been no formal complaints about the policy. It might just be that their priority is for women in childbirth to be “comfortable,” but there may be legitimate reasons to encourage nookie in the maternity warn. Sex is somewhat contentiously considered to induce labor itself — contentious because experts say there aren’t any non-medical ways to induce and any suggestions, like sex, are just “rumors.” In any case, you have to give it to these couples for their sheer commitment to getting it on under the circumstances.