Your mindset is key to a thriving and successful life. The way you think will absolutely impact everything in your life, from your career to your relationships. Having an abundance mentality means you believe that the world has enough to offer everyone what they truly want in life. It’s a belief in all possibilities existing, and that if you put effort into it, you can get anything you need in life.

Compare that to the scarcity mentality which dictates that resources in life aren’t abundant and that there isn’t enough to go around. The people with a scarcity mentality often don’t feel good enough and that the world tips toward “no” moreso than “yes.” This creates a negativity around life.

So, how can you cultivate an abundance mentality and start living a positive and bountiful life?

1. Use positive affirmations
The right mantra can go a long way, especially if you keep reminding yourself of its power. Make your positive affirmation a present thing, such as “I love that things always work out for me and that I get what I desire,” rather than ” I will get what I desire.”

You can even write it on post-it notes and paste it around your house for a constant reminder.

2. Stop comparing
If you find yourself constantly comparing your life to others, pay attention where these triggers happen and reduce your time there. So, if you find yourself comparing your life to those social media influencers all the time, put your phone down and stop using the social media platforms as often. Or at all!

3. Journal your gratitude
Use your evenings to develop a gratitude journaling practice. Review your day and note down three things you’re grateful for every day. List out things you love about your life and how you can improve your life the next day.

4. Believe anything is possible
Achieving anything in life means believing that anything in life can happen. Go beyond the typical expectations and truly believe you can get anything you want in life, whether that means making the dream of traveling the world a reality or finally earning that million dollars!

5. Pay attention to your thoughts
Stay aware of how you think on an everyday basis. Pay attention to whether you’re talking down to yourself or saying you can’t have something. Reformulate your thoughts and tell yourself you can achieve what you set your mind to.