Maybe you’ve finally moved into your own place, or perhaps you’re hoping to add some new life to your current place — either way, a houseplant is always the answer. Not only are plants great for keeping your home’s air clean, but they’re also essential mood boosters; being in a space with a few spots of fresh greenery will leave you feeling more uplifted than a space without plants. Plus, plants magically make any space more Instagram-worthy.

You’re ready to join in on the plant party, but not prepared to break the bank — we’ve got you. You can still infuse your space with some green things without losing all your green. Here’s how to find the perfect houseplant on a budget:

  1. Scared of committing plant murder? Stick to succulents. These desert-born beauties can basically be forgotten for two weeks and still be thriving when you remember them. Not only are they hardy, but you can also buy several baby succulents for under 5 dollars, and you can even grow your own from one succulent leaf!
  2. Skip the big stores like Home Depot and don’t walk but run away from those boutique plant shops. You’ll never look at a store-bought plant the same once you learn to scout budget-friendly houseplants using websites like Craigslist or an app like OfferUp. You can easily find the same plants at any garden store for 1/4 of the price — the ultimate budget plant-lady hack.
  3. Lusting over one of those beautiful Instagram famous Monsteras or Fiddle-Leaf Figs, but know your bank account can’t afford to lust over anything besides water? We know the feeling. Here’s a plant lover’s best budgeting tip: propagation. You can grow almost any plant from just a stem or a leaf in water. Find a friend that has one of your dream plants; all you need is a small cutting, and you’ll have your first Insta-famous plant too!
  4. Make sure your home is working with you and not against you to keep your plants healthy. Knowing the correct amount of sunlight and water your plant prefers, and its optimum temperature range, will help cut your costs by reducing your need to purchase replacement plants when yours give up their green ghost. A healthy plant will always be more budget-friendly.

You now have everything you need to turn your home into a green oasis without hurting your budget. Just remember the hardest part of keeping houseplants on a budget will always be the desire for more of them!