I’ll admit that I have a bad habit of running out of the gym and heading right to work instead of dedicating time to cool down. But lately I have found that taking the extra 5-10 minutes to cooldown is very worth the time. It’s important to allow your heart rate and body temperature to return to normal. It also helps your muscles revert back to their normal tension. Not to mention, it gives your brain time to meditate and get ready for the day.

Here are some of our favorite videos that you can follow along with for your cool down:

  1. Yoga with Adriene: 6-Minute Post-Workout Yoga: This video is an easy simple cooldown that focuses on yoga-based movements. It covers all the basics in a short but sweet 6 minutes. Try this one out if you’re limited on time but want to approach your cool down with a relaxing flow.
  2. Adidas Runtastic: Post-Workout Stretching: Although this is a promotional video for their app, it’s a great simple stretch. This video hits all the body parts in about 9 minutes and approaches the cool down like a workout, complete with a timer. Try this one if you’re not a fan of yoga and still have your mind in workout mode.
  3. PsycheTruth: Flexibility Leg Stretches: If you’re looking to just focus on stretching out your legs, then check out this video. It’s what we’d consider an oldie but goodie from PsycheTruth. Warning: it is a bit advanced, so start with the other videos first before trying this one. Check out their channel for guided yoga videos as well.
  4. Tara Laferrara: Upper Body Cool Down: If you just worked out your upper body, here’s a guided stretch for you. This 5 minute routine is also great if you work at a desk all day hunched over.