Days can all feel the same if you fill them with mundane tasks and tend to overcomplicate your work responsibilities. However, you can simplify your days and give them a sense of direction if you ask yourself what you really want. And here is how you can do it.

Think About Your Needs
Find some time each day to figure out what really matters to you. Even 10 minutes each day will be a step in the right direction. Ask yourself what you want your days to look like, aside from regular responsibilities and non-negotiable tasks. It’s not realistic to expect yourself to be productive all the time, so ask yourself when can you carve out the time for the activities that help you refuel your batteries.

Set Your Standards
Society imposes some standards onto us, and we tend to live by them without even thinking it through. Just because you don’t have abs, doesn’t mean you are not fit, or just because you don’t read books, doesn’t mean you aren’t intelligent. Instead of evaluating yourself and your experiences based on what other people think, try setting your own standards. Ask yourself what being fit means to you, what productive day looks like, and aim to reach your standards and goals.

Allow Yourself to Enjoy Your Time Off
Your life should be about enjoying each day, not trying to tackle impossible to-do lists. While being productive is essential, you should enjoy your breaks. When you are on a break, try not to worry about the work that you yet have to do and try relaxing and doing something you enjoy. You can’t be productive for a whole day, so don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for taking a break.

Spend Less Time Planning
Find a good way to keep yourself goal-oriented and productive without spending a lot of time planning. Doing is different than planning, and sticking to a strict plan is near impossible.

Avoid Multitasking
A great way to simplify your life and be more present is to do one thing at a time. We all believe we are great at multitasking, but science shows otherwise. Instead of trying to do numerous things at once, allow yourself to slow down and truly commit yourself to each task.