You love your friends. You’ve created goals together and encouraged each other for months, (even years). So, why does it sting when they reach a big goal before you do? Whether it’s finding a great guy, getting married, getting a huge promotion, launching a successful business, or reaching an envious body size, something seems to trigger when they do it before you do.

Instead of thinking, “Great job!” You feel a little jealous that it’s not you with the big win. Then when you notice that you’re not happy, you feel terrible and beat yourself up that you aren’t happier. Since people in your life will always experience success of some sort (you hope), you need to get used to it. Actually, being friends with successful people increases your chances of success too. Let’s get to the root of that envy and learn how to turn it into inspiration for your own life.


The Struggle Was Real
Your friend’s new found success came at a price. She may be gushing about her business, or new romance, but think about how tough it was for her to get there. This helps you correlate all the things you’re working hard for so you can shift your focus.

Others Probably Envy You Too
It may not seem like it, but there’s likely some area of your life others admire about you no matter how small it may seem to you.

It’s Motivation
Use that feeling as motivation to go even harder after your goals. Also, since she’s your friend, pick her brain! This is your opportunity to get real tips on how to achieve what it is you want too. Congratulate her and treat her out to drinks where you tell her how inspiring she is and ask for tips.