Not everybody has a fireplace or room for a big tree, but we can all have the best Christmas and the best decorations without any of those things. Here are some very pretty festive ideas for when you don’t have room for a big Christmas tree.

Christmas Shelves
Making a Christmas tree out of shelves is a brilliant idea! It saves you lots of space, and you can use those shelves for even more holiday decorations of your choice. It’ll look like you have the most chic and modern tree of all time!

Mini Christmas Decor
If you have no room for any Christmas decorations or don’t like to overdo it, pick mini versions of your favorite decor. It can be subtle, simple, and modern! Add these pieces anywhere you’d like, and just like that, you’re ready for the holidays!

Christmas Tree Wall Sticker
This is a brilliant idea that you can use every year if you don’t have room for a tree. Use a full-sized Christmas tree wall sticker on your wall and add some small and straightforward decorations around it and voila! You now have the best Christmas tree ever. And you know what? There are tons of different wall stickers you can use. The possibilities are endless.

Decorative Fireplace
If you have a fireplace, you can fully turn it into a Christmas wonderland by adding stockings, wreaths, and candles to turn it into the warmest and coziest Christmas centerpiece.

Christmas Wall
If you love to decorate for the holiday but don’t exactly have space, or simply don’t want to turn your entire space into a Christmas shop, then setting up a Christmas wall or corner is perfect for you. All you have to do is choose one area in your home where you can set up a full Christmas atmosphere. From tiny ornaments to hanging stocking and even a hot chocolate station decorated with candy canes and snowflakes. The choice is all yours, and you can decorate it however you please.

Tiny Christmas Tree
Having a fully lit Christmas tree that is so tiny it could fit on a counter or a table is super cute and super simple. Many of these designed are sold pre-lit, but if you wish to make things extra special, you can make your own! And, as you may have realized by now, you can make a mini Christmas tree with almost anything!

Indoor Holiday Wreath
Adding mini decorative wreaths all over your house is such a fantastic idea to keep the holiday spirit in even in the smallest spaces. You can hang them on your dining table, in the kitchen, bedroom, and even in your bathrooms for an extra scent and Christmasy vibe.