Setting the dinner table in some homes is more of a family ritual that’s passed down from one generation to the other. However, once you’re on your own, it is easy to lose all of one’s dinner setting techniques, especially if you find yourself eating out or getting takeout most of the time. However, we’re here to remind you of the handy tips when setting the dinner table.

Start with a mat

The first thing to place on the table is a placemat. This is where the chinaware will be placed, and it’s a crucial piece. A placemat or charger should match the decorated table, which is ideally filled with ornaments or flowers to set the tone.

Get out the china

Rather than use one type of china for everyone, you can spice it up a notch by using two, one on top of the other. This depends on what you’re having, but you can place the smaller china on the larger one, which is on the placemat.

Silverware placing

This is what a lot of people forget. On each plate, there’s a left side and a right side. The forks go left of the plate. They could face down if you’re in a European setting while the knife and the spoon go to the right. Silverware should be placed accordingly to how it will be used, going from outside in starting with the first course.


You could go with a standard ironed cloth napkin and place your silverware on top of it, or you could try making the famous origami napkins if you’re up for it.


Water and wines will be served in glasses. All glassware should be kept at the top right-hand side of the plates.


A third party could serve the dishes, or they could be kept on the table for each person to help his/her self.

These tips should help you out with your next dinner party. Happy hosting!