This pandemic has shown us that working from home isn’t as glamorous as it may seem. Bringing yourself to start working can be especially hard, as well as staying motivated. These tips will help you to get the most out of your at-home work session.

Set Intention
You should set a firm intention first. To finish the meaningful tasks you have for the day, you should set an intention. When planning your day, avoid listing numerous tasks. Instead, write down three things that are the most meaningful you want to get done. Don’t worry about smaller tasks before you finish the main ones.

Eliminate Distractions
Unlike working in the office, your home is full of distractions. We can get easily distracted, even if we set a strong intention. Because meaningful work is hard, we are naturally resistant to doing it and will try to avoid it by picking up something else. Even when we are not trying to resist our work, we are drawn to new things, which is why having distractions everywhere around you makes it hard to focus. To stay focused and motivated while working, you should eliminate all distractions before you start working. If you don’t need your phone for your work, put it out of reach. This will help you to stop picking up your phone while you are working. Additionally, your laptop or computer can distract you with numerous notifications. You can avoid it by disconnecting it from the internet. Ask yourself what are the biggest distractions in your home and try to remove them from the space you are working in until you are done with work.

Get Rid of Resistance
We often have mental resistance to big tasks. Fortunately, we only feel this resistance when we start doing something. Once you build the momentum, you will overcome the resistance. To be able to start the task without resistance, you should make the task easier for you. Try breaking it up into smaller tasks. Then, you can set your intention to the individual task and focus on it. You can also try working for a shorter time interval. This will help you to start easier as you know you don’t have to do it for hours on end.