When you like someone, it’s hard to say the words “I like you.” You don’t know how they’re going to react or if they even feel the same way. Telling someone you like them is definitely nerve-wracking, but reading their body language can give you a good sign if you’re unsure how they feel. Someone’s body language tells a lot about their emotions and can indicate if that person feels the same way about you. So the next time you’re with him, keep a lookout for these body-language signs:

He accidentally touches you
Say you’re sitting next to each other on the couch at a party, and you find him slowly moving closer to you. Whether he grazes your arm or touches your hand “accidentally,” it’s a sign he wants to be near you.

He licks his lips
When you’re talking to him, pay attention to what he does with his lips. Are they closed in a tense line? Or do you catch him licking his lips when he’s looking at you? If it’s the latter, it probably means he’s into you.

He gets closer when you talk
It is a good indication if someone is into you if they are genuinely interested in what you have to say. That can be shown by listening and asking questions, or by getting closer to you when you talk.

He tucks your hair behind your ears
Any sign of physical touch is definitely a good sign that he’s into you, but if he tucks your hair behind your ears… he likes you. And if you get butterflies when he does it, you like him too.

He always sits next to you
If you’re in a crowded room with nowhere to sit and he still makes an effort to sit next to you, he probably likes you. That means out of everyone in the room, he wants to be close to you and talk to you more than others.

He walks next to you
Someone who walks way ahead of you is probably on a different agenda and is focused on himself. However, if he slows down his pace to walk beside you, it’s a sign he wants to be next to you.

He keeps looking at you
If you find yourself continually catching his gaze and smiling… HE LIKES YOU!! When he keeps looking at you, it means he’s thinking about you, even in a room full of crowded people.

His pupils get bigger when you’re talking to him
Although this one might be more subtle and harder to catch, it’s definitely a sign that he’s into you. Your pupils dilate when you see something you’re attracted to (AKA, you).