The more optimistic your view of the future is, the easier you will adapt to the new challenges that life brings you.

Filter Your Thoughts
There is immense power in our thoughts and the way we perceive the world and our experiences. Besides, many studies have shown that optimism can affect health. A positive attitude can help our mind and body more than we believe. Try to filter out negative thoughts and stay aware of them to make your life happier and your body healthier.

Perceive Your Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses
We often perceive the life of others as better than ours. We romanticize their daily activities and view them as more interesting than ours. This usually does us more harm than good, as we feel like our life isn’t enough, because we don’t see the struggles and problems of the people we admire. Try looking your life through the same eyes as you view the lives of the people you look up to. Notice just how lovely your morning coffee is, how vibrant your walls are, or how much you enjoy going grocery shopping. This different outlook on life will help you be happier. Try focusing on and enjoying the little things in your life.

Laugh More
Laughter is a great way to introduce more positivity into your life. Find out what makes you happy, whether that is playing games with your friends, reading a comic or watching a show of a comedian, and then making time for this activity in your everyday life. Laughter will help you feel better and have a positive outlook on life.

Placebo Effect
A positive outlook can help you to perceive numerous situations differently than others. In some cases, if you have a positive outlook and optimistic expectations, whatever the outcome may be, your perception will be more positive. For example, if you believe that an interview will be easy and convince yourself that you are prepared, even if the questions are objectively hard, you won’t see them that way.