It acts as a confidence boost. There is no way you can talk without flashing some or laugh without putting them on display. These, amongst other reasons, are why we always want our teeth white. Imagine donning a head-turning dress only to get gasps when you open your mouth. This right here is the reason people want to look their best, from the hair on their heads to every tooth in their mouth.

As confidence-boosting as it sounds, teeth whitening can cause you pain. The pain is not limited to when you whiten your teeth. It could go beyond, lasting well into the healing phase. So, in this piece, knowing that we want you to wear your smile confidently for everyone to see, we will be sharing tips on how you can whiten your teeth without sensitivity!

Pick out the best kit

You want to accurately read labels when you are shopping for a whitening kit. Get referrals from friends who have used the same products before. An excellent kit may sometimes spell less pain and ultimately cause less sensitivity to the product.

Don’t use products repeatedly

Yes, you want results fast, but for you not to suffer pain or sensitivity from whitening your teeth, you may need to space out how you frequently do your sessions. Try out different timelines and stick to the one that works best!

Maybe, ditch laser

Dentists often use laser treatment for whitening teeth which in turn can cause harm or tooth sensitivity. You are better off using kits that would not emit heat that can hurt your teeth.

Go gradual

You do not want to rush the process as this may hurt a lot more when done repeatedly. In as much as you want perfection, you want to go as painless and as slowly as you can.

Be wary of peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide works on the teeth by helping break down molecules then whitening the tooth enamel. So, go easy on the frequency and be super careful to keep the whitening gel off your gums when going through the process.

It is crucial that as you whiten the teeth, you take better care of your oral health. You want to brush adequately, refrain from drinking too many carbonated drinks, or stop altogether. And we don’t have to tell you to stay away from smoking so that you can finally dazzle people with your smile.