As London Fashion Week comes to a close, we can’t help but notice all the models, A-listers, and influencers that were adorned with simple and sophisticated accessories from the “new” Bottega Veneta.

Back in February, Bottega Veneta debuted its new collection, which can only be described as ‘minimalist chic’. This is the first collection from Bottega Veneta’s new Creative Director, Daniel Lee, who was hired in 2018. Prior to taking on this role, Lee was the director of ready-to-wear design at Céline.

The fashion house received high praise for its new designs and it has also caught the eye of many celebrities, including model Rosie Huntington Whiteley and super influencer Arielle Charnas.

Bottega Veneta has always been a favorite among celebrities for it’s chic and elegant designs. However, the brand’s new collection presents a more modern and elevated version of Bottega’s classic look. In fact, there is even an Instagram account (@newbottega) that is completely dedicated to the “new Bottega Veneta”. In just a few months, the account has garnered over 74k followers on Instagram.

The collection, which features square-toed mesh pumps, thong sandals, and puffy leather clutch bags, is minimal and modern yet incredibly elegant. Many of the “new” Bottega Veneta pieces have quickly gained cult status.

The Pouch

Stretch sandals

The Arco bag

Padded sandals


Mesh pumps