For those of us who experience serious PMS, the struggle is real. And while regular old chocolate brownie ice cream may do the trick, how amazing would it be to have a pint of ice cream that truly understands your emotional and physical turmoil?

Parker Jones, a graphic design student in Oklahoma, created just that for her senior capstone project. “The idea was simply what I wish I could say when I’m PMSing,” Parker told the Huffington Post. Titled “Ice Cream That Understands PMS,” Jones’ project includes print and packaging design for a hypothetical line of ice cream. The flavors are: “I Need Some More,” “I Think I’m Dying,” and “Don’t Come Near Me.”

Jones told Buzzfeed that all she needs to make this is a reality is someone who knows a thing or two about the ice cream biz:

I personally have no idea about ice cream production, but if someone does and wants to join in on my little ice cream joke, I would love to help out. Who [could] pass up an opportunity to eat ice cream – I’m sorry, I mean, produce ice cream – and design for a living?

The back of each label displays the changing emotions we go through over the course of our period — here’s the one for “I Think I’m Dying”:
pms ice cream

Now please, someone call up this girl and start working on this genius idea together. We could all use a little “Don’t Come Near Me” once a month.

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