While some may disagree, the presentation of the gift sets the tone for appreciation. As the holiday approaches, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up some fresh ideas for gift wrapping this season. We scoured the internet for a handful of ideas to make your next set of gifts the most memorable ones.


You don’t need to purchase new gift boxes every season. Create your own boxes, gift bags, and even ribbons from recycled materials like paper shopping bags, plastic bottles, or any item that you can work with. Decorate these recycled materials accordingly, and you’ll realize that it’s not only fun and affordable, but the receiver will appreciate your eco-friendly gesture.

Try a tea towel

Rather than plastic wraps or boxes, you can wrap up a bottle of wine with something as convenient as a tea towel. Instead of being thrown out as in the case of plastic and paper wraps, the tea towel can also be used by your recipient. So if you think about it, you’re giving two gifts in one!

Be festive

Add a few pieces of the holiday essence onto your wrappings. This could be a mistletoe, or even some bells fastened to the wrapping paper. Drawing some Christmas lights can be pretty great, as well.

Cotton swabs

Other than ridding your ear of dirt, cotton swabs can be great decorative pieces. Stacking them on top of each other in different directions depicts the image of a snowflake or a compass depending on your intention. Glue it to your wrapping paper, and you have a very festive decoration.

Gift wrapping shouldn’t just be a mindless activity. It’s a chance to exercise your creativity while having a great time in the process. Luckily the holidays are still a bit away, so you have some time to put your creativity to practice. All you need to do is purchase the gift and let your imaginations do the wrapping.