Not one likes to spend big bucks on gym memberships, and some also enjoy the privacy, flexibility, and convenience of at-home workouts.

When I was starting my weight loss journey, I didn’t join a gym. Instead, I focused on running, outdoor activities, and a couple of super useful videos I managed to find on YouTube. So if you are also looking for an excellent cardio workout at the comfort of your own home, check out these awesome workout videos.


Befit gives you everything fitness, from health and nutrition videos by Thomas DeLauer, to fat-burning cardio programs that you can easily follow at home.

Fitness Blender

The fitness blender is famous for its fat-burning cardio workout videos. It’s also one of the most popular fitness channels on YouTube. They offer a lot of insight and information, depending on your needs.

XHIT Daily

Although this channel doesn’t focus on cardio workouts, I had to mention it because of the fantastic workout videos which incorporate cardio. XHIT shares different workout routines by various celebrities and models to know more about what goes into looking like a model and what you can do to achieve that.


This workout channel focuses on body positivity, healthy lifestyles, and intense workouts, guaranteed to get you in shape and better than ever.

The Fitness Marshall

A fun, easy to follow cardio dance fitness routines to get you active and feeling good!


HASfit is a YouTube channel that offers not only workout programs to follow like their famous 30-day muscle builder or foundation beginner’s plan, but it also provides health, fitness, and nutritional information for the best results.

Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

This YouTube channel is especially interesting because it offers various cardio workouts that focus on interval training while still keeping you moving through the entire routine.

Tone It UP

Tone It UP focuses on core and strength training for a toned body. The workouts include a lot of core training, yoga, and cardio for a 3-in-1 workout.

Popsugar Fitness

The Popsugar YouTube channel reminds me of the cardio DVDs from the ’80s, and in a really good way. The workouts keep you going while working every muscle in your body, and it’s such a fun way to experience with cardio.