You use your iPhone to check your horoscope, to listen to the radio, and show your friends on the other side of the world what you eat for dinner. So why not use it to track how frequently — or infrequently — you’re having sex?

The newest iPhone update to iOS 9 in the fall will have multiple new features, including the ability to completely track your reproductive health — and yes, that includes a sex tracker. As CNN reports, the HealthKit app is being updated with a feature is essentially a journal in which you can input your menstrual cycle and all the changes that occur in it, such as cervical mucus quality and spotting. Getting that specific about your period sounds extreme to me, but I guess if you’re looking to get pregnant, that information is important!

The sex tracking aspect will record sexual activity, including if protection was used or not. For those of us ardently trying not to get pregnant, a log of our sex lives could be totally depressing or something we want to screen grab and Instagram. We see, though, how for folks who are trying to get pregnant, this could be an excellent too. Also, information is kept private by default, but can be sent directly to a doctor if you would like him/her to check your reproductive health status in relation to having a child.

Another thing to consider? The HealthKit update is definitely a step in the right direction for the company, who received quite a bit of backlash for overlooking female-friendly usability, as LiveScience points out. So for this reason, we’re thankful that Apple is expanding their iPhone capabilities for us ladies. A preview will be available in July and the app itself launches in the fall.