It’s happened to all of us before: we went too hard the night before and are seriously paying the price the next morning. Maybe it was the one too many tequila shots. Or the fatty food you probably shouldn’t have eaten at 3 in the morning. But you are not feeling too great. Hangovers are the absolute worst.

Not only do you wake up with a headache, you feel groggy and sluggish, and it overall leads you to have a very unproductive day. The good thing, however, is that hangovers can be helped! Although the best cure to a hangover to give it time for the alcohol to leave your body entirely, there are a few ways you can help in the meantime:

Eat a good breakfast
Low blood sugar levels are often associated with a hangover, so it’s important to build that back up in the morning. Eating a good breakfast the day after drinking can help to maintain your blood sugar levels as well as providing the essential vitamins and minerals we need.

Drink water
It’s probably the most obvious cure to a hangover, but it works. Alcohol dehydrates your body, so there’s a reason why you’re always reaching for a glass of water the day after drinking. Increasing how much water you drink the day after drinking alcohol can help to lessen hangover symptoms and replenish your body.

Advil and other anti-inflammatory medications are popular choices to alleviate a hangover. They help to relieve aches and pains and will help with a headache. However, it’s essential to be very careful when taking medications while there alcohol in your system as medication can irritate your stomach lining.

The caffeine in coffee can help with the tiredness that is often felt after drinking. Coffee and teas can also help to reduce the adverse effects of drinking alcohol. If you do choose to drink coffee the day after drinking, it’s important to counteract it with a lot of water as caffeine can also lead to dehydration.

When it comes down to it, the only way to prevent a hangover is to not drink to excess. You can also follow the ‘have one glass of water for every drink’ rule to lessen the amount of alcohol in your system.

And although these tips might help with relieving the symptoms of a hangover, the only thing that is going to make a hangover go away is time. But if you do find yourself waking up with that throbbing headache and unbearable fatigue, give one of these suggestions a try.