A hospital in China is now allowing men to experience the pain of childbirth with electic shocks to the abdomen. Some of these men aren’t even expectant fathers, says the UK’s Guardian, just normal guys looking for a painful way to kill a Sunday afternoon.About 100 men have signed up to experience the miracle of life at Aima maternity hospital in Shandong province. The experience start with pads placed above the abdomen, which give electric shocks for a period of up to five minutes. (That’s right: five minutes. Cue everyone’s mother shouting: “BUT I WAS IN LABOR FOR 13 HOURS STRAIGHT, YOU ASSHOLES!” )This “taser session” is free, which coincidentally is the same cost as getting pregnant.At least the amount of pain is more authentic: a nurse gradually increases the pain’s intensity on a scale from one to 10.  “It was basically really painful,” said one of the brave 100.Related Articles:Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period?The Truth About Sex During Pregnancy