Antioxidants Could Help Decrease InfertilityMany factors affect infertility, but a recent analysis suggests antioxidants may have a part in woman and men’s ability to conceive—research worth exploring in depth. Since oxidative stress may play a role in infertility, some doctors are already advising patients to use nutrition and supplements as a way of getting their antioxidants. The researchers also found a connection between infertility and heart issues like high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, leading them to believe treating heart disease could aid in treating infertility. – Via ScienceDailyMore for you: Supplement Your BeautyRelaxing Helps Us Value Products MoreIf you’re a frequent auction-goer, listen up. You may bid more when you’re relaxed.  In six studies of over 670 subjects, those induced to be “relaxed” valued products more highly than less-relaxed subjects. In a simulated bidding study, the relaxed people bid higher for a digital camera, whereas the less relaxed were closer in estimated the true market price of products. These products ranged from spa treatments and cruises, to bungee jumping sessions and ice cream sundaes. – Via EurekAlert  More for you: You Can Buy Happiness, Depending On What You BuyBeing a Copy Cat Isn’t Always a Good ThingWe’re taught that mirroring others helps socially, but it’s also part of social intelligence to when you should mimick behavior, and when you shouldn’t. Subjects watched videos of interviews with mimicking mannerisms (like leg-crossing) and without mimicking. The viewers rated the interviews less favorably if the interviewee was copying mannerisms of an unfriendly interviewer. It may not always be flattering to mimick someone, if it’s not the right place and time! – Via ScienceDailyMore for you: What Do Mirror Neurons Do?