Dieting Eats Your Brain – LiterallyA study found that restricting food causes brain cells to eat themselves. This sends out hunger signals that make us want to eat. Blocking this self-cannibalism resulted in lighter mice. Researchers now look to a drug that could curb these hunger pangs, making it easier to keep weight off. – Via AOLMore for you: All Foods Aren’t Created Equal, from Dr. Oz and Dr. RoizenBreastfeeding May Reduce Childhood ObesityBreastfeeding is known to have health benefits for children, but a CDC study found only one third of hospitals have a breastfeeding policy. The study author believes more hospitals should adopt the “Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative,” a World Health Organization program to make it easier for women to breastfeed. It may help to reduce childhood obesity. – Via Wall Street JournalMore for you: Prenatal Vitamins Prevent Autism & Bolster Beauty, from Dr. Oz and Dr. RoizenLongevity Linked to Lower Obesity RatesA recent study found that the cenetarians (those people living past age 95) didn’t have a significantly better diet or physical activity habits. However, they did have lower obesity rates: only 9.6 percent of women cenetarians were obese, compared to 16.2 percent of the control subjects. – Via MSNMore for you: Take the Health Vitality QuizMuscle Loss With Age More UnderstoodWith aging, calcium leaks from muscle cells, causing our muscles to stop working properly. A new drug that slows this leakage was tested on mice, and their muscle functioning increased. Given its effectiveness in rodents, researchers are looking into if and how it could help muscle dystrophy in children. – Via Fox NewsMore for you: Strength Train at Home—No Equipment Required