Tanning may be addictive.Nearly 30 million Americans hit the tanning beds every year…why do they keep coming back for more, regardless of the consequences? A recent study suggests that people may become addicted to soaking up UV rays. When exposed to this light, the brain literally lights up in areas associated with reward (as it does when people take a drug or snack on sugar). This may explain why some people find it hard to stop fake baking, despite the increase risk in skin cancer that may result. – Via NYTMore for you: Don’t know which sunscreen is best for you? Get Sunscreen Savvy.Pregnant Californians still exposed to toxic chemicals.In the 1970s, California legislation mandated that polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) be added to household items to decrease their flammability. While this cuts down on fires, the flame retardant chemicals can affect women’s thyroid system, and disrupt the neurodevelopment of children when exposed in the womb. Two components of the PBDEs were banned in 2003, but pregnant women in California still have higher levels of these toxic chemicals in their body, than anywhere else in the U.S. – Via Time HealthlandMore for you: Do you take a prenatal supplement? Learn the Health & Beauty-Boosting Effects of Prenatal Vitamins, even when you’re not pregnant.All marriages may benefit from divorce counseling.If you’re happily married, research suggests counseling can still help your relationship. Strengthening positive communication may increase the likelihood your marriage will last. Financial problems can interfere with communication, so addressing these money issues may alleviate marriage conflict. – Via Time Healthland More for you: Is Money Affecting Your Relationships? Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen help you address it.New relaxation apps available on smart phones.Your smart phone may help you meditate, with new apps that help you through mindfulness meditation and breathing techniques. Insomnia sufferers can try different sleeping apps, if meditation is not soothing enough. Most apps are available for under $6, though the Mayo Clinic Insomnia Wellness Solutions is $25. That seems a steep price to pay, though some people argue that it’s worth it if it works for you. – Via NYTMore for you: Not big on technology? Get your Complete Guide to Meditation here. We even walk you through meditation specifically to prepare for sleep!