Sometimes, all we need to do to feel relaxed and at peace is to take a nice, long bath. Nothing says relaxation more than spending all night in a hot bath with candles burning, am I right? Except, what if you don’t actually have a tub to soak in?

Don’t worry, not having a bath doesn’t mean your spa day has to be comprised- you just have to transform your shower. It might not be the same as soaking in a tub, but it’s pretty close. So on those days when you want to lock yourself in the bathroom for a self-care night, here’s how you can turn your shower into a spa-grade experience.

Use some greenery
A simple hack to make your shower more spa-like: add some greenery! To really enhance the spa experience, hang eucalyptus on your shower head (underneath the water, so that it doesn’t get wet). It will make your entire bathroom smell like a spa and make your shower experience more relaxing.

Light scented candles
The best way to enhance your shower experience is with lots of calming scents. That’s everyone’s favorite part of a spa anyway, right? Light some relaxing candles scents, like lavender, vanilla, or chamomile.

Get a good shower head
If you don’t have the luxury of a bath, you must invest in a good shower head. It can be a waterfall shower, high-pressure shower, whatever suits your needs- just make sure it has multiple settings.

Invest in good towels
This might seem unnecessary, but good towels make all the difference. Nothing is more relaxing than stepping out of a warm shower into a cozy, warm towel. If you’re really trying to upgrade your shower experience, invest in some good towels.

Get a waterproof speaker
A waterproof speaker is a must-have for a shower. Turn on some soothing sounds, like rain or even a guided meditation, and you’ll instantly have a more relaxing shower. Make sure you keep the speaker in the actual shower, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to bring it to the bathroom every time.

Use calming colors
Spas are notorious for having simple, calming colors, so you’ll want to copy that in your own bathroom. Choose calming colors, like white or beige, on the walls of your bathroom. You can then accessorize with more colorful art or sleek storage.

Get nice shower products
Now when you’re actually in the shower, you’ll want to use nice shower products. That means a body scrub, body wash, hair mask, lotion- the whole 9 yards. It will make all the difference.