Elderly women have been doling out the secrets to a long life quite a bit lately. We just learned from 109-year-old Jessie Gallan that the secret to a long life is to “avoid men.” But according to 104-year-old Elizabeth Sullivan of Fort Worth, Texas, breaking 100 may be even easier: just drink Dr. Pepper. Nope, not even diet Dr. Pepper.

Sullivan drinks exactly three Dr. Peppers a day, and she has no interest in the news that soda is basically as bad for your body as cigarettes. She told CBS, “I started drinking [Dr. Pepper] about 40 years ago. Three a day. Every doctor that sees me says they’ll kill you, but they die and I don’t. So there must be a mistake somewhere.”

She celebrated her 104th birthday with a cake shaped like Dr. Pepper and a gift basket from the CEO of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. “When you live to be 104 and still can talk to nice people, you deserve some Dr. Pepper, but I never expected this,” she told KTVT.

I guess she deserves it, as she’s probably their #1 customer. Three Dr. Peppers a day times 365 days a year over the course of 40 years means she’s drank 43,800 cans of Dr. Pepper throughout her lifetime. OVER FORTY-THREE THOUSAND, GUYS. Girlfriend has got to have high fructose corn syrup running through her veins. I hope that when Elizabeth Sullivan kicks the can (see what I did there?), she donates her body to science. Aren’t you just itching to know what her insides look like?

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