Each election cycle, our participation in voting seems only to become more critical. Yet, voting has always been a valuable tool for engaging in the political process. Some might feel that their vote doesn’t matter, but tens of millions of dollars would not be raised for political campaigning for votes that don’t matter. Your vote matters, so use it! Thanks to Lyft, you won’t even have to worry about getting to the polls to make your vote count.

This year, Lyft will offer free and discounted rides to all voters who want to get their vote out throughout the entire duration of the primary and the general election. On their website, Lyft cites an article from Tufts that mentions some reasons most young people don’t vote. One such reason that held back roughly 15 million eligible voters was a method of transportation to their voting station.

Lyft has been expanding its philanthropic efforts recently, including a program to offer transportation to those who need it most, whether for getting to work, accessing grocery stores, or in the aftermath of a disaster. This time they are giving back to the country by ensuring people have equal access to exercise their right to vote. Lyft is stepping up to make voting more accessible by offering free and discounted rides to be distributed through a select number of organizations. These organizations will help contact, determine, and set up free rides for those in need. Some selected organizations are:

  1. National Federation of the Blind
  2. League of Women Voters
  3. Student Veterans of America
  4. National Urban League
  5. Voto Latino Foundation

These organizations will help Lyft distribute free and discounted rides to those in need. If you want to make sure your vote is counted but might have difficulty getting to the polls, check out Lyft’s website for more information on how to take advantage of this program. 

There’s no reason left to miss out on your chance to take part in the essential political process that millions of people in less democratic countries pine for. Take a Lyft and get out to vote!