Every year we feel a renewed interest in making our year a healthier one; we have goals for bumping up our exercise regimen and curtailing our foodie indulgences. Yet, despite our healthy desires, it’s so easy to find ourselves right back where we were the year before, stuck with our less than healthy habits.

Changing our habits is hard, and making healthier choices is even harder, so how can you have a healthier year that will really stick this time and not stay trapped on a Pinterest board of healthy recipes?

It might seem simple, but investing in cookbooks you’ll really want to use will help give you the push you need to make real moves towards a healthier year. By investing in a tangible item you’ll use in achieving your goals of healthy eating, you’re taking the first real step that makes the next steps possible. Plus, when the healthy recipes you make are delicious, it makes the change to healthy eating that much easier.

Anybody can put a recipe online, but publishing a cookbook means those recipes have been vetted for quality. Check out these brilliant cookbooks that will set you on the path to a healthy year.

Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Romero

If your goals for a healthier year include more vegan food, this vegan bible is a must-have. Take it from me, your dear writer—I have this cookbook, and it makes vegan cooking a (delicious) breeze.

The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen

Leave it to America’s Test Kitchen to come through with the perfect fusion of healthy and tasty. This cookbook is a must-have for healthy eating in line with the Mediterranean diet.

Show Up for Salad by Terry Romero 

Terry is dominating this list of killer healthy cookbooks. After her work providing us phenomenal vegan recipes in our number 1 on this list, she’s teaching us that salad can be just as satisfying as our less-than-healthy cravings.

Oh She Glows Everyday by Angela Liddon

Oh She Glows is basically the Beyonce of healthy plant-based eating. This cookbook will have you living the healthy life of your dreams with each delicious and healthy recipe.

By investing in a good cookbook, you’ll be taking the first step towards that healthy life you’ve been hoping for. Make it a reality by incorporating a new recipe into your weekly routine!