The following exercises will eliminate the “diastasis recti” separation, by helping tighten your core. Ultimately, this can be a lifelong program for maintaining your entire core area. If you have diastasis recti, do not do crunches, sit-ups or heavy lifting. This can aggravate a separation.Work your way up to a full workout by taking on these exercises, one at a time…Pull-ins: Keep the natural arch of your lower back and pull in your navel, toward your spine. You can do this sitting, standing or lying down. Start with 20 or so, a couple of times a day. Technically, you could start the day after you have the baby, and work up to doing 50 to 100 twice daily.QUIZ: Do You Have a Healthy Workout Routine?Leg Slides Against the Floor: Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Find your neutral spine position, with your lower back just slightly off the floor. While keeping your back completely still, slowly slide one foot out along the floor, until the leg is straight. Pull it back in again. Your spine arch should remain constant. Once you can do 20 repetitions with each leg while maintaining a stable spine and without detecting any ridge in your abdomen, you can move on to the next exercise. You can use pillows to support the area under your knees. This will help keep your lower back as close to the floor as possible, not arching the spine too much.Leg Slides with One Leg Lifted: Assume the same position as above. Lift one foot off the floor, with the knee bent. Extend the leg out as before, but this time keep your foot a few inches off the floor. Once you can do 20 repetitions while maintaining a neutral spine and flat abdomen, you can move to the next exercise.Single Leg Floor Touch: From the same starting position, lift one leg off the floor, keeping the knee bent. Now lift up the other leg to meet it. Keeping one leg still and both knees bent, slowly lower one leg toward the floor until your foot touches the floor and bring it back up. Once you can do 20 repetitions on each side with a neutral, stable spine, move to the next exercise.Leg Slides with Both Legs Lifted: This exercise is like the second one, except that your stationary, bent leg is also lifted from the floor. So you’ll begin with both legs bent and lifted off the floor. Extend one leg out, keeping it a few inches from the floor. Bring it back in, maintaining a level abdomen and neutral spine. When you can do 20 repetitions on each side with no abdominal separation, move to the next exercise.Double Leg Floor Touch: This is like the single leg floor touch, except that you lower both bent legs together until your feet touch the floor. Then, bring them back up to the starting positions. This exercise series is effective for strengthening your abdominal muscles and helping maintain a neutral spine.Lean-Backs: Stand with your feet about hip-width apart and your arms extended straight in front of you. Keeping your torso motionless and with a neutral spine, hinge at the knees to lean back slightly. Your body should create a straight line, from your head to your knees. To keep your back from arching, engage your abdominal muscles. Do this with a wall within six inches of your back, so you won’t accidentally fall.MORE: Beauty Tips for Exercisers