A New York Post writer has discovered the catchy term “celesbian,” and it’s the only surprising word in their article about the “trend” of celebrity lesbians. The article definitely wouldn’t have been written if the headline didn’t include a fun, eye-catching portmanteau. “This year it’s all about the ladies,” says the Post, reducing an entire sexual orientation to a passing trend.Citing new “celesbian” couples like Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin, the Post is on the scene to monitor these women as they make the personal decision to live their public lives out of the closet. “It’s part of the new normal that celebrity lesbians are gossip fodder just like anyone else,” stated the New York Poke, justifying it’s own nosy and rude story.


“Indeed,” added some genius source, “women who choose to come out in a public way often do so for reasons that aren’t just about titillation.” Wait, you mean some women are lesbians for reasons other than turning men on?!?!The hot lesbian trend doesn’t just stop at celebrities, according to the Post: “Nonfamous lesbian couples have been around, and visible, for quite awhile.” Maybe in a few years, this reporter can put together a nice feature on interracial dating, bisexuality, or women voting.