After years of plenty of incriminating research that proves how terrible smoking is for our health, a daring politician is finally proposing a bill that would increase the legal smoking age in California. Last week, Democratic Senator Ed Hernandez introduced legislation that would raise the legal smoking age in CA from 18 to 21 if passed, the Los Angeles Times reported.“We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines while Big Tobacco markets to our kids and gets another generation of young people hooked on a product that will ultimately kill them,” Hernandez said in a statement. Kimberly Amazeen, vice president of the American Lung Association in California, also told the LA Times that 21,300 kids in California start smoking every year. Yikes. The most alarming part? That number is just for one out of 50 U.S. states.Unsurprisingly, Robert Best, western regional representative of The Smoker’s Club, doesn’t seem to think changing the law would change any behavior. He waved off Hernandaz and the whole idea as a waste of time, adding, “When you are 18 you are an adult and you get to do what you want.” He also thinks instead of raising the smoking age, the focus should be on lowering the drinking age. Ah, right, that’s definitely a logical alternative to the health issue at hand!A few medical associations and societies support the bill, but it’ll be interesting how this all goes down with Big Tobacco in the mix. Either way, we’re glad someone is paving the way to try and make a change.Related Articles:CVS Stops Selling CigarettesColorado Hospital Won’t Hire Smokers Anymore