YouBeauty’s quizzes are different—they’re based on real science! We’ve created this quick guide to help you understand exactly what that means. We use three phrases in the ‘how we’re measuring it’ section of our quizzes that might seem a bit unfamiliar, so here’s what they mean and why they’re proven to help you reach your goals.

Quiz Type 1: Scientifically Validated
Most of the quizzes on our site are based on what researchers call “scientifically validated scales.” That means that the scale has been proven to assess what it claims to assess, and tested on a variety of different people. These scales are a series of questions that have been developed by leading universities and research institutions to prove their research.

You won’t find this kind of scale on most other sites. These are real assessments that scientists and psychologists use in their own research.

That means more benefits for you. When you get your results, you’ll know that those are the most accurate results science can offer. They’re not always perfect and you might disagree with them, but they are proven to work. 

Quiz Type 2: Based On Known Science
In areas of beauty where validated scales did not previously exist, the YouBeauty team made our own scales. To create these quizzes, we’ve used all available scientific research on that topic and collaborated with experts in a variety of areas (including experts on that specific topic) to ensure that the questions in each of our quizzes are valid.

We use the same process researchers use to create scientific scales to ensure you get valuable results.

These scales have not been tested with a wide population yet, but over time, we’ll gather enough data to validate them as rigorously as a researcher would. Maybe scientists will even use our quizzes one day!

Quiz Type 3: Science-Based Tools
We offer fun tools on our site that are meant for you to play with and learn something new about yourself. They are science-based, meaning that we used a proven measurement to create them. But remember they’re tools not scales, and are meant to help you learn about the science behind your beauty in an engaging, interactive manner.

Remember, science changes. What’s proven today may be disproven tomorrow. As such we will constantly update our quizzes and action steps to ensure we’re serving you the most relevant science available.

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