Have you ever heard of reverse trick or treating? It’s a thoughtful practice where you take treats to your neighbors instead of asking for them. Imagine how the neighbors feel having a stranger show up to their door with goodies in tow. Great way to show love!

The trend (if it can be called a trend) is relatively new and may even catch fire. It’s not something to expect little children to agree to at first, but it is a nice gesture for adults. It’s also a cool way to still participate in the sharing, giving spirit of Halloween.


While there’s no set way of doing it, here’s how some  people have added their own personal spin to reverse trick or treating…

Probably the most famous of the reverse trick or treating movement are the two guys who dressed up as sweet little old grandmothers. The two went door to door handing out treats to visibly surprised neighbors. The story was loved so much, Docpop picked it up and turned it into a comic.

Another situation like this includes the family who decided to take a festive gift bag filled with items such as snickers, candy corn and candy corn cookies and surprised friends and family with the gesture.

There’s another family similar to the one above who does reverse trick or treating, except in this case the mom involves her kids too. She says she does it to teach her kids to look beyond themselves and to serve and connect with others. At the beginning of October, they make a list of everyone they want to give a treat to. Then they take everyone on their list treats including cookies, and candy.