Melissa Etheridge Sheryl Crowe

Via Boing Boing, in an article entitled “Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge Beat Cancer and Heartbreak,” AARP works overtime to prove that the two country stars, born “nine months apart in neighboring states” are the same exact person. They both wear t-shirts and boots! They both had relationship troubles! They both adopted children! Most importantly, they both had breast cancer. And they’re thrilled about it, you know, like most breast cancer survivors. They have better lives now, learned how to make fearless choices, and even cultivate happiness. They speak in unison about their new perfect lives … almost.  

Cancer, they agree, has become something they never imagined. “A gift,” they say, almost in unison.

It’s fine if each woman feels that her cancer was a “gift.” But many of their recommended healthy living choices  are out of the realm of possibility for most women, despite Etheridge’s comment that “Your personal environment is your repsonsibility.” The reality is that some personal environments are far more privileged than others. Some people have access to far better cancer screenings, exercise regimens, healthy food, and even medical care. Riding horses? Pilates, yoga and kickboxing? Eating local, organic and in season? No stress. The average woman can only dream of all that to stay healthy.   

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