Grabbing a drink with the girls is a tricky business: One cocktail usually turns into several, and all we’re left with the next morning is our trusty I’m-never-drinking-again hangover. Binge drinking is no joke, and most of us don’t realize we’re overdoing it… you know, until it’s too late. So what’s a tipsy girl to do?

A new app called Alcohol Tracker may be your knight in shining armor. Unlike the majority of drinking apps, which are more about entertainment than self-improvement (“Let’s Get Wasted!” comes to mind), Alcohol Tracker is a legit wellness app that helps curb drinking habits rather than encourage them.

Developed by doctors in Singapore, the app uses a more accurate way of tracking your alcohol intake than most: Instead of estimating blood alcohol concentrations like the drinking apps of yore (which researchers consider uber-unreliable), users log the number of bevvies they enjoy on the regular (1 beer, 1 glass of wine, etc.) and the app converts each drink into standard units, providing a clearer picture of your drinking habits.

Best of all, it keeps track of your intake on both a daily and weekly basis—so not only will the app alert you when it’s time to call it quits at Saturday’s bachelorette party, but also if you’ve reached the recommended maximum for the week come Wednesday’s happy hour. Swoon.

The app features an index of health information that teaches you how tossing one back could be effing with your health and offers goal-setting strategies to help you cut back. There’s also a handy questionnaire to help you determine if your drinking is getting out of hand.

Alcohol Tracker is currently available for download through Google Play. “There will be further enhancements in the later part of the year, with the iPhone version hopefully launched together with the new version of the Android build,” app co-developer Dr. Melvyn W. Zhang told Medscape Medical News.

In the meantime, avoid waking up next to a guy with a barbed wire tattoo by focusing on the little things: Alternate between alcohol and water to stay hydrated, buy drinks that look alcoholic but aren’t, and cut back on stress so alcohol doesn’t become a must-have to unwind. Take that, walk of shame!

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