Coffeehouse mega-chain Starbucks is taking a step back from over-caffeinating and over-sugaring their customers, and will now be adding a few healthier options to their menu. After their recent, yet shortly lived, endeavor of chatting with customers about race in their “Race Together” campaign, Starbucks has chosen a less controversial route for one a bit more delicious.

With the superfood kale on their mind, Starbucks has announced they’ll be teaming up with Dannon Greek Yogurt and Evolution Fresh juices to create a line of smoothies filled with fruits and vegetables. The customizable drinks allow you the option to add fresh kale, extra Greek yogurt or protein powder to any of the smoothies. The new line comes in three flavors, Strawberry, Mango Carrot and Sweet Greens, all very different from the mocha latte grande Frappuccinos and pumpkin spice lattes we’re all so very used to ordering.

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“We created a nutritious smoothie with our cold-pressed fruit and juice blends, combined with delicious, creamy Greek yogurt we developed with Dannon. They’re also free from artificial sweeteners or fillers,” said Evolution Fresh president Jeff Hansberry about the newest smoothies.

According to the press release announced by Starbucks, each smoothie will deliver upwards of 20% of the recommended daily combined fruit and vegetable servings. So if you love walking around with the iconic Starbucks cup, but you’re not so much into the 500+ calorie drink inside it, these smoothies are perfect for you. At only 170-230 calories per smoothie, they’re the ideal Starbucks addiction fix at a much healthier rate.

The new addition of kale to the menu doesn’t simply stop with the smoothies. According to, you can now add kale to any drink, yes, even your coffee if your little heart desires (although, we wouldn’t recommend it). So get creative with your orders, people!

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