Add plants to your arsenal of weapons as you prepare to fight off colds and flu this winter season. Bring the outdoors inside your home this winter and use plants to trap airborne pollutants that can make you sick. Learning that plants can make a significant impact on improving indoor air quality is particularly is good news for city dwellers who live 90 percent of their lives indoors. That’s not the only health benefit you’ll see when you deck your halls with greenery. Scientists are saying the presence of plants will reduce stress and anxiety. Placing plants on your bedside table will help you enjoy better sleep.

Research by NASA and the American College finds a treasure trove of house plants that will mop up pollutants.

Areca Palm: The Madagascan areca palm will help you drop off to sleep quicker by releasing moisture into the air and making it easier to breathe. Effectiveness in trapping pollutants makes the palm a wonder plant for those who are prone to sinus problems and colds.

Aloe Vera: This plant belongs on your bedside nightstand. NASA says this plant is one of the best at purifying air and releasing oxygen throughout the night. Do you have a fear of the formaldehyde that’s found in varnishes and floor finishes? Aloe Vera is in your corner fighting the pollutant.

Boston Fern:  This is another plant that’s a wizard at taking formaldehyde out of your air. The attractive fern takes the ninth spot on NASA’s list of 50 air-purifying plants

Chinese evergreen:  This popular houseplant removes more toxins as time goes by and exposure to air pollutants continues. Another plus in favor of this plant is that the Chinese evergreen grows exceptionally well in low light. That puts it on the list of one of the easiest house plants to keep going.

Dwarf date palm: Want to rid your home of the xylene that’s found in cleaning agents? The dwarf date palm is excellent at soaking up the solvent. Home gardeners who lack green thumbs love this plant because it tolerates drought and is tough to kill.

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