Neuroscientists have discovered evidence suggesting that “when the pressure is on, women bring unique strengths to decision making.” Have I mentioned I love neuroscientists?According to the New York Times, men and women make normal decisions in similar ways, but all bets are off once the stress hormone cortisol is added. Just a slight increase in cortisol improves decision-making performance in women, but the same increase in men leads them to take more risks even without that sweet, sweet payoff. According to Ruud van den Bos, a neurobiologist at Radboud University in the Netherlands. He’s a man but we’ll trust his research anyway.Van den Bos isn’t the first genius scientist to discover the cold, hard truth:

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I have made the executive decision this pile of random surveys that totally ignore individuality add up to one thing: women as the superior gender. And I’m a woman, so I’m right.