One of the most precious relationships a person can have is a friendship. A true friend sees your highest of highs, lowest of lows and all the space in between. It works the other way as well. You are there for your friend as much as they are there for you. However, there are friendships that are unhealthy and toxic. Often times people stay in these relationships without realizing how detrimental they are for their growth, joy and happiness. Having a hard time figuring out if your friendships are healthy or not? Check out these 4 tell-tale signs that’ll let you know if your friendship is unhealthy:

#1 You Always Feel Judged: Does your friend make you feel like everything you do is wrong? If so, that’s an indicator that your friend doesn’t respect the fact that the two of you are different.

#2 She’s Always Negative: Some people naturally tread on the cautious side of things, which may make them come across as negative. But, if you feel like she never sees the bright side in any situation, you’re better off without her.

#3 She Always Takes And Never Gives: There are times when you will need her more, and/or she will need you more. But, if you always find that you’re always giving and never able to receive, you’re in a one-sided relationship. Eventually, you’ll feel depleted.

#4 You Feel You Have To Hide Your Good News: Whenever something great happens for you, is she the last person in the world you want to tell? If you never want to tell your friend any good news for fear she’ll be jealous of you or will put you down, you don’t need her. A great friend will be genuinely happy for you when you’re successful.

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