Pride Month is full of rainbows and celebrations. Pride is about being true to yourself and loving yourself no matter what. Pride Month is celebrated throughout the United States, as people all over the country are becoming more proud of who they are. Pride celebrations often include huge parties, rainbow clothes, and parades. If you’re looking for the best places to celebrate Pride Month—look no longer. We have the ten best US cities to celebrate Pride this month.

1. New York, New York
World Pride takes place for the entire month of June and includes over 50 events, parties, parades, and more.

2. Orange County, CA
Orange County offers an array of Pride events every year, including pageants, cruises, runs, and the annual Pride Week Festival.

3. St. Pete, FL
St. Pete Pride attracts more than 250,000 people each year and is a colorful explosion of art, festivals, music, and more.

4. Providence, RI
This year Rhode Island is celebrating their 44th annual RI PrideFest on June 15th and is sure to exceed any Pride expectations

5. Sioux Falls, SD
This South Dakota job does a surprisingly good job of celebrating the LGBTQ+ community of the midwest, all while maintaining that quintessential small-town atmosphere.

6. Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles has been famous for Pride for the past 40 years, and people from all over the country flock to the major city to celebrate in true Pride style.

7. Dallas, TX
Dallas Pride is typically observed in September but is being moved to June this summer to match up with National Pride Month. The Dallas Pride celebration will include food stands, live music, and local vendors.

8. Sonoma County, CA
Sonoma County is one of the best-hidden secrets when it comes to Pride celebrations. Sonoma County Pride includes a series of events, from wine tastings to film festivals.

9. Seattle, WA
This summer, Seattle is celebrating 50 years of its Pride festival, Seattle PrideFest, which is full of art shows, lectures, parties, and more.

10. Sacramento, CA
Every June, the Sacramento LGBTQ+ Community Center hosts Sacramento Pride in the heart of the city. This summer, the events and dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.